We’re a creative bunch with a passion for helping businesses thrive through beautiful visuals

shot studio wollongong

What makes us different is the diversity of our experiences and backgrounds. A mix of video production, photography, traditional marketing and online marketing. We like to think this is a deadly combo because we can create beautiful visuals and also help our clients get the most out of it and hit their goals. We tend to have fun along the way too

Our photography /
video studio

shot studio wollongong

So we had the team and just needed a space to work. We then built our studio and mezzanine office in a Port Kembla warehouse shortly after covid hit (a touch scary) and it was well worth it. We’re always so thrilled to bring our clients to the headquarters and use the space to help them bring their ideas to life.

shot studio wollongong
shot studio wollongong

Our team

Meet the Shot Studio team. Some friends who have a common interest in capturing beautiful imagery and video while helping people in business

  • marty odonnell photographer


    Marty has been capturing stunning visuals for over 15 years. He’s got the nack! We throw him into some weird situations and he always comes out with some amazing video and photo’s. A seasoned professional who loves what he does!

  • daniel geen shot studio wollongong


    Daniel’s background is in online marketing and this eventually led him to photography and videography. He quickly realised how crucial quality content and storytelling was to help people connect with their audiences and achieve their goals.

What’s happening at Shot Studio?

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